How to choose and buy ice cream machine Ice cream is roughly?

2021-09-02 2041

Ice cream is roughly divided into two Is a kind of soft ice cream, and the second is the hard ice cream Soft ice cream, such as KFC may MCD cone, do the ice cream needs a soft ice cream machine. Together can produce two kinds of simple taste plus a hybrid taste. The machine is usually according to the function such as output and compressor is not the same price. The hard ice cream here especially homemade ice cream ice cream store. 


Speak hard ice cream before you say a fancy ice cream, many do not know the brotherhood have a misunderstanding, there are also many brothers asked me this question, the fancy ice cream what is made to the machine, do you sell the machine can make beautiful fancy like that? This is a very simple question, we in the outside many of the ice cream shop contains online image to see the kind of ice is very beautiful